There's a new browser in town



Competition between web browsers is becoming more and more fierce. However, in spite of this we continue to see some interesting alternatives such as QupZilla, which is based on a WebKit core and Qt Framework.

The fact that QupZilla uses WebKit means that it is benefitting from the same technology as browsers such as Google Chrome, giving the user fast page loading and a fast browsing experience.

The browser comes with some interesting features, such as Adblock, which blocks all unwanted ads from certain web pages, or an integrated RSS feed, letting the user view things that interest them quickly and easily.

Another helpful feature is 'Speed Dial', giving the user much faster access to their most visited web pages. When you open a new tab, you will see miniature versions of your favorite web pages inside of it. By clicking on that, you're on that page.

QupZilla is an alternative browser that, while not being a contender to take the place of the big browsers out there, certainly offers a good amount of interesting features, giving potential users many reasons to consider it. On top of all of this, QupZilla's interface is clean and attractive.